Manage all your logistic needs with our application. Want to know how you can do this?
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Label Designer
Your label speaks for you. We create your custom labels with our user friendly Label Designer.
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Report Viewer
Generate your Business Reports with our Dynamic Report Viewer. Glance it our design.
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Label Designer
  • Just like you have your name, your product needs a label as an identification.
  • Remember, your label speaks to all of your customers on your behalf.
  • We are happy to provide you with our new Label Designer Application which takes care of all your label designing requirements.
  • This application is unique, for we have options for generating dynamic labels in large quantities.
  • No Special/Design skills are required to use our friendly tools.
  • Just be creative, play around with our Label Designer and enjoy creating your labels.
  • Still using paper and pen or Excel and Word to track your shipment/delivery and mobile calls to talk to your truck driver while driving, to know where he is ??? Then it is high time you must try our product TMS (Transport Management System) as we call it.
  • We not only provide you the Web Application but also a Mobile Application which can be used by the driver himself. Both go hand-in-hand and takes the burden off your head.
  • With our Systems you can assign loads and stops to the vehicle and driver.
  • You can track the details like Stops in-progress, whether the order has been delivered and also details like the current location of the truck, number of kilometres the truck has to travel and many more.
  • The driver can also send a message to the head office and intimate just in case of breakdown or any other such incidents. Isn’t it more hassle free for both you and the driver? Try our product once and you will feel the difference.
Report Viewer
  • Report Viewer helps to generate the dynamic reports. Designed to use it for all types of businesses. Easily configurable with access security options.
  • Reports can be seamlessly embedded, viewed, and exported in multiple formats like PDF, Excel, MS Word etc.,
  • Having features for reporting allows you to extract the present data in charts, tables, and other visualizations that will create reports with advanced style options.
  • Reporting provides design-time, data source components to help you codelessly bind report items to several data sources simultaneously.
  • Reports can vary in their interactivity. Static reports can be developed in Telerick Report Designer, by the end users while dynamic reports allow you to navigate the report through various hierarchies and visualization elements.
  • Dynamic reports allow you to drill down through various levels of the data at the click of a button. They also allow you to navigate, sort, filter and view the data for your specific needs.