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We at GS Technologies build Web and Mobile Application to overcome challenges wherever it is required. We have several years of experience in providing IT solutions.

Our way of working is, with a team of people discussing about the challenges in various fields and arriving at possible solutions for them which can be solved technically. The result is our wonderful product.

We have built our own framework named GSFramework which serves as a base for developing all our projects. It also provides us endless possibilities to create products based on our creativity.

Thus we have come up with our Label Designer and Transport Management system which will have a greater influence in the logistics sector. Our upcoming project is for Restaurants.

If you have any creative idea or challenge that you would like to address technically, then you are at the right place. Please contact us and we can make it happen together.

Our Mission

Our vision and mission is to make people’s life easier and hassle free with the use of technology. Everybody has the right to enjoy the benefits of the modern technologies and we strive hard to make it happen.

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Phone: 0431-296-2946

Email: admin@globalsafeties.com

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