TMS (Transportation Management System)

1. Dispatch Load

Dispatch module supports wide range of logistic services with efficient load planning. Dispatch helps you keep your dispatchers, equipment, driver and loads all on the same page. It helps manage and track those deliveries of the loads and route stops.
Dispatch load statuses are colour coded, so making it easy for you to identify the exact status of load.

2. Orders

The process for creating a shipment starts when order lines are released for shipment, which creates an order release, and completes when the shipment is delivered.
It maintains the shipper, consignee and packaging information for the particular load.

3. Billing

Generate bills and invoices for the corresponding Orders and maintaining the payment records.
Download separate or consolidated invoices from the billing.

4. Mobile App

If your driver has the Mobile Application with his ID, then believe us, you need no verbal communication with him even to say where to go.
The information of the load populates from where he will come to know all the details such as Origin, Destination, how many pick up points ,how many total stops and also details such as how many kilometres he has travelled, has to travel etc.
The driver has the facility to intimate the Head office that the goods got delivered in a particular stop with a signature obtained from the customer.

5. Route Optimization

He also has options to skip a stop, send notes to the Head office regarding a stop or send messages in general.
He also has a map view where he can have a clear picture of where he is travelling and the route for the upcoming stops.
You can see that with our TMS product your life will become so easy regards to your administration of your logistics.